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rainbow at Narada Falls photography prints for sale
  • Narada Falls With Rainbow

    The summer sun casts a bright rainbow across Narada Falls in Mount Rainier National Park, with a striking wildflower in the foreground.


    Waterfall Photography that Captures Power & Beauty


    Of all the waterfalls of the Northwest, Narada Falls in Mount Rainier National Park may be the most widely viewed and appreciated. A large parking area along the windy single lane Mount Rainier Highway gives easy access to the short trail leading to the falls. The upper falls make a 168-foot drop over a near vertical cliff, crashing on rocks at the bottom and sending up spray. This was one of many days I’ve been there, but on this day the sun was hitting the spray at just the right angle for me to capture this fine art rainbow waterfall photography wall art print.


    Was I the only one taking waterfall pictures there that day? No. Dozens of tourists had their cell phone cameras out, and at least a couple of amateur photographers were happily making waterfall art as well. I think someone was even painting a waterfall canvas painting. But I was the guy who was leaning 3 feet over the safety railing to get my tripod to the right position to capture this beautiful flower in the foreground of my fine art vertical rainbow waterfall artwork. If you want to spot the professional nature photographer in a crowd, just look for the one who is doing insane things to get a slightly better angle.


    PNW Waterfall Wall Art for Stairways, Tall or Narrow Spaces


    This exquisite fine art photography print is so vivid and detailed, you will feel like you are right there in the park with me, only without the horde of tourists to navigate. And even better, the sun will never go down, so you’ll always have a beautiful rainbow waterfall to enjoy.

    • Artwork for Home in Limited Edition Vibrant Metal

      Add a splash of color to the artwork for your home with Fine Art Metal Prints. Order Pacific Northwest waterfall art prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

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