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fine art Olympic Second Beach photography prints
  • Olympic Second Beach Sunset

    The golden afterglow of sunset on Olympic Peninsula’s Second Beach reflected in textured wet sand.


    Washington State Beach Photography Prints


    I took this PNW beach sunset photograph on a backpacking trip in the peak of summer 2015. The sky was a dazzling blue all day and the roaring Pacific Ocean lulled me into an almost dreamlike state. Without any clouds, the sunset was not colorful as I hoped it would be, but I was floored by the beauty of the afterglow and was very happy with how unique this fine art Second Beach sunset photograph came out.


    While other Washington State sunset beach photography for sale online has busy clouds or the sun glaring in your eyes, the magic of this picture is the smooth and calming gradient of the sky fading from gold to mauve. Despite its relative uniformity of color, it’s far from boring. The detailed silhouette of the tree covered sea stacks add strong shape to the composition, while the ripples of the spring water flowing across the beach add texture and interest. The clear skies turned out to be a blessing because any more detail in the sky would have made this complex scene busy and would have distracted from all the natural details of this incredible Washington State ocean beach photography print.


    Limited Edition PNW Photography Artwork for Home


    The elegant intricacy of this fine art beach photography for sale is mesmerizing, and large photography prints of this image make for a stunning center piece in a living room or bedroom. Wherever you choose to hang this image, it will take you on a soothing trip along the oceanside whenever you look at it.

    • Fine Art Beach Photography for Sale

      Bring the beauty of Olympic Second Beach into your home with Fine Art Metal Prints by Peter James. Order Washington State landscape photographyonline by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

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