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Pacific Northwest fine art wildlife photography
  • Salmon Leap of a Lifetime

    Driven by the powerful instinct to return to its birthplace to spawn, this Coho salmon leaps up one of the many Salmon Cascades in the Sol Duc River.


    Washington State Wildlife Photography


    The Coho salmon in this PNW wildlife photograph was born in the upper part of the Sol Duc River. After spending about a year in the river, it went to sea for two years before returning, battling its way 50 miles up the river, back to its birthplace where it will spawn, then die. This astonishing instinctual behavior is testament to nature’s intelligence, and this fine art wild salmon wall art print is testament to its beauty.


    The massive amounts of nutrients that salmon gain from feeding in the open ocean not only power them in their growth and development, they feed the whole forest surrounding the rivers they spawn and die in. As the bears, birds, otter, and other wildlife feed on the salmon, they carry those nutrients into the forest, fertilizing the trees and understory as well. This wildlife photography wall art print shows only one piece of the forest/ocean food web, but one that is an essential link in the chain for the healthy natural balance.


    Fine Art PNW Wild Salmon Wall Art


    This powerful Pacific Northwest wildlife salmon photography print is an inspiring addition to any wall art space in your home. As this Coho takes its leap of a lifetime bringing its life cycle full circle, it shows us the journey of honor and completion that each life on this planet can achieve by following our instincts and having no fear of the challenges life brings. This is truly inspiring wildlife wall art décor for you home.

    • Wildlife Wall Décor - Limited Edition Metal Prints

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