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  • Sunburst Across Alpine Wildflowers

    After a full day with clouds overhead, the cloud bank retreated just in time for the near setting sun to light up the tops of these bouquets of alpine wildflowers.


    Enjoy the Colors of Wildflower Photography in Vibrant Metal Prints


    This mountain wildflower photography was taken on Heliotrope Ridge on the western flank of Mount Baker, which is probably the best place for wildflower art photography in the area. Generally, you see the flowers lit from the front in most fine art wildflower photography prints, but the way these lupin and alpine fireweed are backlit makes them glow brightly against the dark background of their foliage. The composition of this flower photograph is very unique too, with the sun centered in the frame and the steep diagonal line of the mountainside splitting the wildflower photograph in two.


    I’ve day-hiked this trail several times, but this was our first time backpacking overnight up there. Of the three days we stayed, it was mostly overcast, which is not good at all for wildflower wall art photography. Without sunlight all the colors look dull and the landscapes seem blah. So I was ecstatic when all of a sudden the cloud bank we were under rolled out, revealing this amazing scene, and giving me the perfect, albeit brief, window for creating fine art wildflower photography.


    Wildflower Prints That Will Please the Eye and Ease the Soul


    Printed on vibrant sheets of metal, wildflower prints of this image make incredible wildflower wall art for anywhere in your home. The warmth of the sunshine and the lovely greens, pinks, and purple tones will warm you heart every day. Unlike vintage wildflower prints, these photographic wildflower wall art pieces look so real, they make you feel like you are there. You can practically smell the fresh air and wildflower fragrance!

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