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fine art hoh rainforest photography art prints for sale
  • The Heart Of Ladonia

    Deep in the Olympic Peninsula’s Hoh Rainforest lies a wonderous world so enchanting it needed its own mystical name, and so “Ladonia” came to be.


    Fine Art Forest Photography Comes Alive on Vibrant Metal Prints


    One of my very favorite things about backpacking to create forest photography art is the way that, being completely submerged in nature for days on end, I become so aligned and intertwined with the mind of nature, it seems to guide me and even at times, speak to me. This was one of those times.


    I captured this otherworldly fine art forest photograph on our third day in the Hoh Rainforest in early October. I understand that Hoh (pronounced hoe) is a first nations name and I respect that, but for me, I never liked calling the most beautiful forest I’ve ever seen the Hoh. So when, as I was busy creating one of my fine art rainforest photography art pieces, I suddenly had the intuition to start calling this forest Ladonia, I embraced that as its new name.


    The fall leaves were just starting to change, and I was drawn deeper into the forest when I saw this splash of orange that I hoped would enhance my chances for amazing forest art. When I arrived at this location and discovered this creek winding its way around these trees like an artery of water, I got chills. The voice in my head said “You have reached the heart of Ladonia”.


    Rainforest Wall Art to Enhance Any Décor


    Whenever I look at this rainforest photography print, it immediately takes me back to that moment. This heart of the forest art pulses with life and the refreshing feeling of circulation washes over me again. Of all the rainforest photography for sale in my gallery, this print brings back some of my most favorite rainforest artwork memories.

    • Artwork for Home That Brings Nature Inside

      Fine art Hoh Rainforest Metal Prints make enchanting artwork for homes. Order Pacific Northwest rainforest forest photography online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart, or call (360) 733-9377.

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