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Washington State mountain photography prints
  • Yellow Aster Butte Mirror

    Stunning pink clouds contrast a rich blue sky perfectly mirrored high in the Cascade Mountains.


    Fine Art Mountain Photography that Touches the Soul


    Yellow Aster Butte is a popular hiking and backpacking spot in the Mount Baker area of the North Cascade Mountains and, being surrounded by mountains on all sides, it’s also a great place for making mountain photography art. We did a three-night trip up there in early September, but the conditions for mountain photography were only good on this first night.


    However, it took us a long time to hike in (perhaps because I stopped every ten minutes to take mountain photographs). So, we actually arrived at our camping spot as this sunset was happening. I threw my backpack down and ran to the closest of the pools, but the surface was not smooth enough for good mountain photography reflections. I ran to the next pool over, which is only 20 feet across, and put my camera on the ground at the water’s edge. I had just enough time to capture this one sunset mountain photography art print before the color faded from the sky. It’s not that uncommon that I’ll only get one perfect mountain photograph that I’ll offer for sale on a trip, but in this case it all came down to that 1-minute window which made it particularly exciting.


    Cascade Mountain Wall Art for Home


    This large vertical mountain wall art Metal Print has a very special quality to it. The lighting on the clouds and mountains is so warm against the rich blue background. This vertical mountain wall art is very unique and is unlike any Colorado Rocky Mountain photography you’ll see. There’s nowhere quite like the Cascade Mountains and this fine art landscape art print exemplifies that.

    • Vibrant Limited Edition Metal Mountain Art Prints

      Bring the majesty of the Washington State mountains into your home with Fine Art Mountain Metal Prints. Order your mountain art prints online by selecting your size and clicking Add to Cart or call to order by phone (360) 733-9377.

    Preview this wall art in your space. See how our Mockup Service works. Click here.

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