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Triptych and Multi Panel Extra Large Wall Art

If you need artwork for a very large wall then you probably realize how hard it can be to find high quality extra large wall art. The easy solution is to buy a number of separate fine art prints. But that usually make the wall look busy, does not give your eye a clear focal point, and does not take advantage of the opportunity your extremely large wall presents. The triptychs and five panel Metal Prints that Peter James offers in his Large As Life Collection present an extremely impressive option for your large wall art. Peter James offers fine art metal prints in sizes up to an astounding 20 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Each panel is its own high definition photograph, and combined they form one massive high-definition photo, with so much detail you can get lost in the image for hours.

huge triptych photo print

Available in either 3 panels (triptych) or 5 panels and both as oversized horizontal wall art and large vertical wall art, these are the most immersive and technically excellent photographs available today. Whether you are looking to add dramatic decor to your dining room, or bring boast-worthy beauty to your boardroom, the magnificent Multi Panel fine art prints from Peter James are the highest quality and most impressive fine art prints you'll find.

Extra Large Fine Art Prints for Businesses and Public Spaces

Whether you're in tech, admin, advertising, or any other business, extra large wall art can add the exhilarating feeling of being in nature to your workspace that will boost productivity, soothe stressed workers, wow your clients, and increase the value of your office to all of your stakeholders. The incredible size and clarity of these massive landscape photography prints is hard to believe. They are so realistic, they truly give you the feeling of looking out a huge window. And the view is alway colorful, warm, and at peak beauty, all year round. 

extra large wall art print for conference room

In the public sphere, these triptychs and 5 panel prints are simple radiant. What better way to enhance a public building, college campus, or sports arena than vivid, lifelike large wall art that celebrates the incredible beauty of our natural world. Extra large fine art installations of the past have relied on more conventional art mediums, because extra large photography prints like this have not been available in the past. But combining the technological advancements that go into these durable, color stable, and waterproof prints, with the stunningly high resolution images Peter has been able to capture, creates an entirely new level of photography which is ready to go public. 

Huge Fine Art Metal Prints for Luxury Homes

What makes your incredible home even more unique and remarkable? Fine art on a scale, and with a level of beauty, that's available nowhere else. The extra large wall art Multi Panel Metal Prints that Peter James expertly produces are in a league entirely of their own.


Your guests will be blown away walking into a sunlit rainforest in your entryway, or being showered by a life-size waterfall in your living room, or seeing a breathtaking island coast in your dining room.

Extra Large Triptych for Luxury Bedroom

Now you can enjoy sunshine and rich, warm colors to make you feel happy every day in any room of your home. The vibrance and luminance of these Metal Prints, combined with the ultra-sharp technical and artistic excellence of Peter James's images, truly give you the effect of looking directly out a window at a real life scene. If you'd like to have a front row view of a snow capped mountain, or set of windows looking right out onto a secluded ocean beach sunset, this giant wall art will take you there.

With the incomparable beauty of nature coming to life in high definition in these stunning extra large wall art prints, decorating any home like a luxury home has never been more thrilling! Call the gallery today for a personal consultation (360) 733-9377

Mockup and Proposals for Oversized Wall Art

When buying extra large fine art, you need to know that what you are getting will fit your extra large wall exactly. That's why we provide a photo mockup service where we take a photo of your wall and simulate exactly what the various sizes and images will look like.

This is an invaluable tool for planning your Multi Panel wall art. Based on the size and shape of your wall, the image you choose might look better as a triptych (3 panel print), or a 5 panel print. One of our standard sizes may work, but you may also want to do a custom size. We will tailor your fine art prints entirely to your space and your preferences, enabling you to see exactly how this large scale art will look before you commit. To begin the mockup process, simply email a photo of your wall to

Below is a set of mockups we did to help a collector plan the extra large wall art for their condominium:

Nothing Compares to Giant Wall Art
large vertical wall art metal print

Ask yourself, "what is the purpose of fine art at all?"

Does it evoke powerful emotions?

Does it inspire and uplift you?

Does it charm and enchant your visitors?

Does it remind you how precious life is and help you savor every moment?

And does it make you feel more connected to the world around you?

For each of these vital aspects of art's role in our lives, the true benefits we receive from having nature photography in our homes and workplaces is multiplied exponentially the larger and more lifelike it is. The feeling you get watching a once in a lifetime sunset, which takes your breath away but passes before the next day, can now be a feeling you and the ones you care about can relive every day. Just because we can't always be enveloped by the wilderness, no longer means we can't soak in the beauty of nature every day.  

Unforgettable Large Scale Art

Once you've seen 10 foot, 15 foot, or even 20 foot wide ultra high definition fine art Metal Prints by Peter James, your view of large scale art will never be the same. The detail and clarity are unmatched. The artistry and compositions, which are the result of 30 years of diligent practice and experimentation with fine art nature photography, are certain to touch your very soul. And the durability and longevity of the oversized wall art prints themselves ensures your investment will be with you for a lifetime. 

Contact the gallery today to start planning your oversized wall art. Whether you're interested in a triptych or a 5 panel print, we will make the process of choosing the perfect large wall art for you simple and enjoyable. 

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