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Photo Adventure Videos

Join Peter James as he journeys into Washington State's finest natural locations in these entertaining Vlogs.

KAYAKING DIABLO LAKE - Photo Adventure Ep4

KAYAKING DIABLO LAKE - Photo Adventure Ep4

Deep in the heart of the North Cascade Mountains is a lake (well, reservoir really) the color of rich turquoise. Many visitors only see it from the overlook on Highway 20, but in this nature photo adventure, I take you on a journey to a tiny, remote island in the middle of the lake. Don't worry though, we'll still get to see a sunset or two from the unforgettable overlook as well! This two day Washington State nature photography trip started with clear sunny skies. Too clear in fact, and without any clouds in the sky, the nature pictures weren't coming out that exciting. So I paddled back to the dock and drove up to the overlook, hoping for a colorful sunset photo, only to then have to drive to the other side of the lake... and then back again... and then FINALLY WOW! The clouds appeared and the sky turned amazing colors, just in time for me to get an incredible photo for my new 2020 Northwest nature photography collection. Yes! Day 2 started out calm and clear as well, and Diablo Lake was a nature photographer's dream. Until the winds picked up and the thunder started. Then the adventure part of the photo adventure really started. Paddling back in the waves felt more like surfing, and then the rains came. But suddenly, the rain stopped, the sky opened up, and the sun exploded through, creating amazing nature photography conditions and awe inspiring sights. Photo trips like this make me so grateful to live in the Northwest of Washington State, so close to the vast maze of jagged mountain peaks that is the Cascade Range. Thanks for joining me on this adventure! See my whole nature landscape photography collection at: Follow me on Instagram:

Meet the Photographer - Question and Answer

Talking with visitors to the gallery, we hear many of the same questions on a regular basis. People are curious about Peter's nature photography techniques, photo equipment, photographic training, and personal story of becoming a premier Washington State nature photographer. In this series, Peter answers the most commonly asked questions. Please send us your questions and he'll answer those too!