Nature Landscape Photograhy Videos on YouTube

Photo Adventure Videos

Join Peter James as he journeys into Washington State's finest natural locations in these entertaining Vlogs.

Photo Story Videos

Every photo has a story! Pull up a chair and get ready for some insight into the images. 

About the Gallery and the Metal Prints

Everything you want to know about the Metal Prints, the Gallery in Fairhaven's Orca Building in Bellingham WA, the Washington State landscape photography itself, and the services we offer. 

Meet the Photographer - Question and Answer

Talking with visitors to the gallery, we hear many of the same questions on a regular basis. People are curious about Peter's nature photography techniques, photo equipment, photographic training, and personal story of becoming a premier Washington State nature photographer. In this series, Peter answers the most commonly asked questions. Please send us your questions and he'll answer those too!

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