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Art for Medical Offices and Clinics in Washington State

After investing millions into the construction and equipping of a medical facility, it may be tempting to minimize your wall art budget. But keep in mind that your choice of hospital artwork will make a large impression on your patients and will be much of what colors your providers day to day experience. The hospital's wall art is the icing on the cake, and with these Metal Prints it brings more than just beauty to your facility. This stunningly realistic nature photography has a powerful ability to help people relax and feel calmer and more nurtured, which ultimately promotes healing. 

With all the available options for medical office wall art, how can you know what's the best wall art for your medical facility? Framed wall art, canvas prints, and paintings all have critical issues when placed in a medical environment. And abstracts, or uninspiring subjects may fill the walls, but do they add real value to the space?


Here's why we believe Peter James's photographs beat all other medical wall art ideas hands down:

Inspiring Wall Art for Hospitals, Clinics and Doctor's Offices

Wall art for medical offices and facilities

Washington State Scenery is Undeniably Gorgeous

Washington is treasured for its exceedingly beautiful natural landscapes and boundless recreational opportunities. Documenting unique and stunning locations across the state is what Peter James dedicates his life to, and his passion shows in every photo he takes. When used as hospital artwork, these photographs add life, color, and energy to otherwise stark environments. Even when it's dark and cold outside, your nature loving providers and patients can experience the rich colors, thrilling moments, and soothing expanses that they love so dearly, every time they see the wall art in your healthcare facilities. 

Medical Office Art That's As Large as Life

Think about the walls in your waiting rooms, hallways, break rooms, and provider work areas. They are generally quite large and will need large office wall art. But most artwork for doctors' offices tops out at about 48 inches wide. However, due to how lightweight the Metal Prints are, and because they don't require frames, Peter James can print his photos as large as 4 feet by 8 feet as single prints and as large as 8 feet by 20+ feet as multi-panel prints. These massive images are absolutely mesmerizing, making you feel fully transported to the location of the photograph, giving you a real sense of tranquility, connection and peace. Large medical wall art photographs have an exceedingly positive impact on patients and providers, making them the perfect medical office art.  

covid safe wall art for medical centers

Covid-Safe Medical Office Art

With the current concern of novel coronavirus COVID-19 and possible future pandemics, there has never been a more important time to choose medical office decor that can be kept clean, sanitary, and free of bacteria, and viruses. Nature photography Metal Prints are completely waterproof and heatproof, which allows them to be cleaned and sanitized with any product or process that your cleaning crew prefers to use on your medical art. And the unique cross-linked polymers used in these prints make them the most hygienic medical art available. Click here to download the PDF about cross-linking technology.  


Viruses and other pathogens can be easily removed from metal wall art surfaces, reducing the spread of disease. That can't be said for other medical office art like paintings or canvas reproductions, and cleaning the inside of matted and framed photographs isn't possible because the prints and matts are sensitive to moisture and chemicals. Durable and beautiful, Metal Prints are the easiest medical wall art to sanitize and therefore healthiest and safest choice for doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. 

art you can sanitize

Healing Art in Hospitals

The latest research shows ample evidence that using nature photography for doctors' offices wall art helps people of all ages to relax and feel calmer, and even to heal faster. So why not improve your patients' experience while making your hospital, clinic, dental practice, or other medical facility a more relaxing and happy place?

"After pouring through nearly ten years’ worth of ward records, Ulrich found that patients with a view of the trees fared far better than the miserable patients with nothing but a wall to look at, even if their cases were identical. Those with a view took fewer painkillers, were rated by their nurses as being in better spirits, and, on average, left the hospital nearly a day earlier than those without a view." 

- Aaron Reuben,


Read the Article - The Incredible Link Between Nature and Your Emotions

Your patients and providers will benefit from being surrounded by the most beautiful locations in Washington State, and because Peter James's metal prints last 3-4 times longer than framed photographs, and the beauty of nature never goes out of style, your acquisition of this medical office wall art is a great long-term investment. 

pacific northwest art for medical centers and facilities

Selecting Hospital Artwork Made Easy with Mockups

Choosing hospital artwork for a large facility can be a daunting task. The sizes and placements of the medical wall art needs to fit the space. The colors and moods of the images need to correspond to the other images in the space. And all the art in the whole medical center needs to tie together and feel unified. Further still, everyone involved may want to weigh in on what they want for the hospital artwork. 

This is where our gallery really shines. We draw from Peter's collection of over 250 stunning photographs, which are all organized by subject, color, and vertical or horizontal, to choose just the right combination of images for even the largest of art installations in hospitals. Concepts are presented as "Mockups" in which photos of your facility are overlaid with Peter's photos, scaled to accurate sizes. These wall art ideas will be delivered to you via a private webpage that can be accessed on a computer or mobile device. You'll be able to scroll through a variety of options for each room of your medical facility, making exploring the sizes and image choices for your hospital artwork simple and enjoyable. 

Depending on your location, Peter can come to the medical center to take the photos for the wall art mockups, or you can send us photos that you take yourself. We can also create hospital artwork mockups using architectural renderings or elevations. For new construction projects, the ideal time to begin doing mockups is once the drywall is up. Contact us today to start the process, and get excited about how good your hospital artwork is going to look. 

Sample Mockup: 

Medical office mockup service - Doctors offices, hospitals, and facilities
Art for Medical Centers Clean Wall for Art



-  40 x 80 Sublime Olympic Beach Sunset

Location Tags

We also provide wall art tags with the name of the photograph, it's location, and a map of Washington that pinpoints the location. You'll find that the first thing most people want to know about your hospital's artwork is where the photographs were taken, and these tags make it easy to for them to find out. 

Local Wall Art of Washington State
art that can be secured to wall of medical office

Secure Print Installation Service

Peter James' team also offers complete Metal Print hanging service, and can provide secure wall art installation for public spaces, which locks your hospital artwork to the wall.

Call the gallery today to discuss your hospital artwork. (360) 733-9377

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