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Artwork for Home with Unique and Inspired Nature Photographs

What does the artwork you choose for your home say about you? Is it an expression of who you are, or is it a reflection of how you treat yourself? We think it’s both. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature is an effective way to give yourself a treat every day. It’s shown medically to improve moods and reduce stress. Nature art in your home has the same positive benefits of spending time in nature, and it’s something you can enjoy every day, despite what the weather is like outside.

Luxury Artwork for Home

And of course, your wall art says so much about you. The art prints you choose highlight your personality. Are you a mountain man or a forest lady? Do you love being on the beach, or watching a peaceful sunrise? Choosing a vibrant piece of Northwest nature art for your home says so much more about who you are than any abstract art can. With the vast array of landscapes in the Pacific Northwest to choose from, there are just the right photographs for everyone in Peter James’s collection.

Art for home decor

But is buying art online the best option? It certainly has become more popular in recent years, with online art sites like saachi art selling original paintings and canvas art for as much or more than you would pay in a gallery. Visitors to our photography gallery in Bellingham WA, about 90 minutes north of Seattle WA, enjoy seeing the 50+ Metal Prints we have in stock, but the vast majority of them end up custom ordering the particular photo they want, in the exact size that fits their home. They often end up ordering their art online from this website. While seeing the Metal Prints in person does give you the best understanding of just how vivid and lifelike the images look on this incredible printing medium, having Peter’s full collection of over 150 Washington State nature photos to choose from on this website makes buying his art online a compelling option.

If you’d like to learn more about the Metal Prints before ordering your artwork for your home online, click here. And if you need artwork for your home but you are not sure how Peter’s photos will look in the space, you can send us a photo of your walls, and we’ll make a digital mockup of how those wall art prints will look with different photos of Peter’s at different sizes. Click here to learn more about our free Photo Mockup Service and feel confident buying artwork for your home online.

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Free Photo Mockups - Artwork for Home

See What it Looks Like on Your Wall

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Wall Art for Your Living Room that Will Take Your Breath Away

One of the greatest opportunities to make a bold statement in your home is the choice of wall art for your living room. Living rooms are usually centrally located, well trafficked, and often have the largest walls in the home. Looking for wall art for living room ideas, people often resort to putting several art pieces on a large wall, which ends up looking busy because your eye doesn’t know where to focus. And quite often, the different artwork doesn’t match in color or tone, creating chaos, instead of the inspiring and restful feeling you want from your wall art in your living room. Because the Metal Prints Peter James offers are waterproof and scratch resistant, they don’t need to be framed, which allows them to be printed much bigger than framed wall art for living rooms. They are also much lighter and easier to hang. With sizes as large as 4 feet by 8 feet, you can now forego smaller framed artwork, and enjoy the clean look of large wall art in your living room.

Art for living room

Not needing a frame also frees these stunning images from being pigeonholed into a particular design style. They work wonderfully with art deco, rustic, minimalist, eclectic, contemporary, and mid-century modern wall art for living rooms. In truth, because these photographs look so realistic, they are more like adding a window to the outside world than adding more artwork to your living room. And nature landscapes have a universal appeal among viewers as well. This can’t be said for other wall art for living rooms. Paintings, abstract art, tapestries, metal wall art sculptures, and canvas wall art for living rooms are very subjective and are more difficult to get your whole family to agree on. You may also find that a piece of artwork that you loved just a few years ago doesn’t “do it” for you anymore. The timeless beauty of the Pacific Northwest nature photographs in Peter James’s collection are sure to engage and inspire you for decades to come.

unique living room wall art

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a spectacular ocean beach sunset every night right from your couch or recliner? Or to look out over the jagged peaks of the Olympic or Cascade Mountain range while warming up by your fireplace? What would it cost to live somewhere with a view like that? Could having the right wall decor for your living room give you the same effect? Perhaps better. Because sunsets, as beautiful as they are, don’t last all day, and you can’t see a view of mountains in the rain or at night. That's why your choice of vivid, colorful nature photography for the wall art for your living room may be the best investment you can make in your quality of life.

decor for living room

When people are looking for cheap wall art for living rooms, Amazon may be the first place they look. They may find options there that work for them too, but when you are talking about a piece of artwork that will be the centerpiece of your home, why would you want to have something that is mass produced? Peter’s photography style is one of a kind, and each image is a whole world to explore and enjoy. And because his photos are all limited-edition prints, the value of your artwork will increase over time and only a select number of people will own the same prints as you. If you want your home to be extraordinary, there is no easier way than choosing Peter’s unique wall art for your living room.

wall art for living room

An Exciting Collection of Metal Art Prints for Home

What do you see when you wake up each morning? While you are cooking, eating, bathing, working, and relaxing? You have the choice of whether you want to witness the divine beauty of nature, or look at cheap art prints from a big box store. Our mission is to make it easier for you to find inspiring art prints that will light you up and make you feel happier each day. Sharing beauty is our duty, and our intention to improve the lives of all our clients is what keeps us making art prints day in and day out. The more time we spend connecting with the intricate beauty of nature, the better we feel, and there’s no easier way to increase your exposure to the artistry of Pacific Northwest landscapes than choosing our art prints for your home.

Art prints for home office

It is our mission to make it easy for you to buy art prints online. Our free Photo Mockup Service, and our easy to browse artwork shopping pages were made with typical people in mind. You don’t have to be a sophisticated art buyer to find and order just the right art prints for your home on this site. Free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States makes for the most convenient shopping for wall art prints available. While more online art stores like society6 are finally paying their artists directly for the art prints sold online, there is no middle man between you and Peter James. You will be directly supporting the work and mission of this dedicated photographer. And because Peter makes a donation that plants 100 trees for every Metal Print sold online or in the gallery, you will also be supporting efforts to restore nature itself.

Our homes are our havens from the world. A place to relax and let our hair down. A place to be ourselves. The art prints for our homes can enhance that experience, helping us relax more deeply, express ourselves more fully, and retreat into the depths of the beautiful Washington State wilderness to restore our senses. Every one of the art prints for sale from our website has a unique beauty that will stimulate your mind and help open your heart. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

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