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For every photograph purchased on this site, or in his photography galleries in Bellingham and Leavenworth WA, Peter James makes a donation that plants 100 trees. These trees are planted by Eden Reforestation Projects, re-planting mangroves along the coastline of Madagascar, creating wildlife habitat and incomes for the local communities, while cooling the earth by cycling fresh water and pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.  



Peter James also co-founded Trees Are Awesome, together with his wife iMa, with the purpose of providing educational content about how trees can address global water shortages, food scarcity, the refugee crisis, wildlife habitat, and air pollution, which is the cause of climate change, all through large scale tree planting and reforestation.

As trees grow, they pull carbon dioxide and dozens of other air pollutants out of the atmosphere, breaking them down and safely storing them in their wood and in the soil. Planting one trillion trees would offset the majority of the world's annual carbon emissions. This approach has the best chance of being effective as it does not rely on governments or industries changing, but rather it can be funded by millions of individuals who care about the future, making small monthly donations. Since the tree planting non-profits supported by Trees Are Awesome plant for only 15 - 25 cents a tree, monthly donations as little as $4.50 can plant a tree every day of the year.

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Join Peter James in this mission to support forest restoration work around the world by visiting,

or by investing in nature photography for your home or business today! 

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