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5 Types of Office Photography to Help With Productivity

Did you know that decor and interior design can increase productivity? Discover the different types of office photography here.

Take a look around your office space. Does it make you feel inspired? If not, it's time to redecorate.

The right office photography doesn't just look beautiful and make your office more pleasant, but it can also boost your productivity. Even if you don't have an office with a view, you can bring nature to your work area with some photography wall decor.

If you're looking for ways to relax and spruce up your office, nature photography is the way to go. Here are five different subjects and interior design tips for offices to inspire you.

Landscape office photography

1. Boats and Islands

Nautical decor has been popular in homes and offices near oceans, lakes, and rivers for years. If your workplace is near the coast, you might consider buying some nautical office wall decor.

Invest in some quality, fine art photography featuring boats, islands, or beaches. Bring the sunset or sunrise to your office, and just looking at your artwork might help bring your stress levels down.

2. Flowers

Even if you can't grow real plants or flowers, prints of meadows and flowers can bring a pop of color into your office.

Researchers have found that staring at a picture of natural scenery for simply 40 seconds was enough to prompt the brain to shift into a more relaxed state. Participants in the study scored slightly better on tests after staring at a green meadow compared to those that stared at a concrete roof.

Even artwork of nature is enough to give you a boost to your productivity!

nature wall art in office

3. Trees and Forests

Do you love long hikes through the woods? Does the soft morning sunlight filtering through the canopy bring you a sense of calm?

Fine prints featuring trees and forests can bring that same serenity to your office. You can create a glimpse into a forest by placing a large print on one wall. Simply looking at the artwork can transport you to that time and place and make you feel relaxed.

4. Wildlife

While landscape photography can make a stunning feature piece in your office, you can take it a step further by bringing in wildlife photography prints.

For instance, you could combine a photo of an owl with a stunning forest print. Layer them on the wall to create a theme and bring even more nature into your workspace.

You don't have to hang artwork on the wall either; you can place it on floating shelves.

Nature landscape photography office space

5. Lakes and Rivers

There's nothing quite as peaceful as a day on the water. And science agrees—listening to the sounds of water can help to lower stress levels. However, even if you don't work on the water, you can bring the beauty of lakes and rivers to your office area.

What's the benefit of looking at prints of the water?

Well, stress impairs strategic thinking and dulls creativity. Therefore, relaxing by looking at nature prints can help you focus and work those creative muscles.

Invest in Office Photography to Boost Productivity

Office photography and nature prints can turn a boring and uninspiring office into a place for creativity. Images and sounds of nature can help us relax and focus, which will help boost productivity.

Now that you're ready to redecorate, check out our selection of nature photography to bring landscape scenes and the beauty of Washington state to your office.

Landscape artwork in office space


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