Photography for Sale: What to Know Before Buying a Photograph

Photographing the beauty of nature

As you browse art photography for sale, do you know which things to look out for?

There are a few important points to consider when you're buying photography. You don't need to be a gallery curator to buy a beautiful and authentic photograph. From price point to size to editions, there are different factors when you buy a photograph.

You'll want to know that you're buying a legitimate art piece. Not only that but your tastes and preferences are a big part of the purchasing process. Original art photography is a great way to beautify your home or office. When you buy limited edition photography, you're building up your personal art collection.

Not sure where to start and what you'll want to know ahead of time? Keep reading! You'll feel empowered and excited as you make your next photography purchase.

hall with different types of nature wall art

Buying Photography That Fits Your Life

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details, you'll want to make sure you're excited. Are you feeling passionate about the art you're buying?

Art can make your home or office a welcoming and soothing place. Particularly landscape photography can have a calming effect in your space. Studies show that spending time in nature has amazing effects on our well-being. When you're at the office or at home, you can still enjoy the beauty of nature.

Inspiring nature images are a great way to bring serenity to your waiting room office. Or if you're looking to decorate at home, a landscape can bring elegance and calm to your safe space. When you buy photography, you'll want to make sure it's an image that really speaks to you. You'll be looking at this image frequently. Make sure you connect with the landscape or nature image you're bringing indoors.

Sunset landscape nature image above fireplace in home

Authenticity and the Artist

Take a look at the artist you're buying from as you browse photography for sale. Artists work hard turning photography into art. They'll share the same passion as you for nature.

Look for artists who value authenticity. This means when you buy from an artist, they'll provide you with extra information. Peter James' metal prints are all signed and numbered. Each print you buy comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a unique serial number. Each metal print piece is only printed in editions of 100. This takes us to the next point you'll want to consider when buying photography.

Peter James Photographer

Limited Edition Photography for Sale

What does limited edition really mean? You may hear this mentioned a lot when looking at photography for sale. Limited edition means that there are only certain amounts, or editions, created. After those editions sell, the artist retires that image. A limited-edition fine art print is usually created in a run of 200 or less. Any amount of prints above 200 would be harder for an artist to do quality control.

When the artist isn't involved in the production, it's no longer a limited edition art print. After around 200, prints are considered "reproductions" rather than fine art prints. Limited edition photography prints in a run will all be of the same image. That means 100 will be made of an image, in the same size. No image in that edition will be different from the others.

When you buy a reproduction, the cost goes down, but it also means the quality may suffer. That's why limited edition images are sought after. They will be high quality, and will also grow in value over time. This is because there are fewer versions created, which boosts value with collectors.

Hanging nature wall art in dining area

Art Photography Materials

When you're buying a photograph, you want to consider the materials. Photography can be printed on different surfaces. Early photographs were printed on metal, such as daguerrotypes.

However, later on, paper became the most common. With technological developments, there are now multiple methods to print on larger materials. This means large-scale metal, paper and wood prints are available.

Let's take a look at the types of materials you'll want to consider:

Metal Photography Prints

Metal prints are the most durable and high-quality option for art photography. Metal can withstand quite a bit more than other materials. It is water-resistant, and won't wrinkle or crinkle over time.