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The Bellingham Gallery

Located in the Historic Fairhaven District, with its turn of the century charm, Peter's gallery makes a splash with the sculpture of an orca whale crashing through the side of the building. 

A long time favorite destination for Bellingham visitors and locals alike, the beautiful wood finished gallery is an elegant showcase of the inspiring beauty of Washington state. Over 50 of Peter James' stunning prints in sizes 2 feet to 15 feet wide will delight and entertain, as will the sweeping views out across the Bellingham Bay. 

The Leavenworth Gallery

In the heart  of Washington State, this charming Bavarian town is a magnet for visitors from across the state and around the world who love nature and who want a unique and memorable get away. 


Peter's grand Leavenworth gallery is scheduled for completion in spring of 2024, and will feature a 2,200 square foot showroom, a gift shop, a large art consultation lounge, and a outdoor balcony overlooking the river and surrounding mountains. Within the space will also be a display room for Peter's wife iMa's artwork which can be seen here. The summer and festival weekend are very busy here so book your reservation today!

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