Photographer Peter James pours his heart and soul into capturing the intricate beauty of the natural world. His formal photographic training and over 30 years of experience, combined with his deep love and intuitive connection with nature, guide him as he journeys throughout the wild areas of Washington State creating impeccable fine art nature photography. By focusing exclusively on one region, he has become intimate with the landscapes, the seasons, and lighting here, often creating exceptional images of places most never discover. And the Metal Prints he produces make his wall art look so real, you'll feel like you are looking out a window. 

Large Wall Art Planning Service


Our free Photo Mockup Service makes choosing wall art for your home or office much easier. Send us cell phone pictures of your walls, and the names of the photos you are considering, and we'll send you mockups showing exactly what they will look like on the walls of your home, office, or medical center. Click here to see how it works. To organize the photos you're interested in, use Favorites to make a list of your favorite photographs and then narrow them down from there. Click the heart at the top of the page to get started! 


Triptychs and Multi Panel large wall art

Peter James has broken the barriers of print size limits by creating a collection of ultra-high resolution images that are available as triptychs (3 panel prints) or 5 panel large scale art prints. This extra large wall art is available in sizes from 6 feet to 20 feet wide, and is fully customizable to fit your space. You will be blown away at the clarity, detail, and realism of this oversized wall art. 

You can finally make the most of that large wall in your home or office, leaving your guests and colleagues speechless.

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Where will you hang your Peter James?


When it comes to fine art, you want the perfect combination of artwork that inspires your soul, that looks amazing in your home or office, that will last a lifetime, and that will wow every person that walks into your space.


The jaw dropping nature photography prints that Peter James produces, printed at incredible sizes up to 8 feet tall or wide, are not only impressive, but they also make the world a better place. For every one of these museum quality metal prints he sells, Peter James makes a donation that plants 100 trees, so you can feel good about your investment on every level. 

Washington State's Best Art Gallery

New studies keep proving the mental and physical benefits of "forest bathing" and all types of savoring nature's beauty. Now you can take a tour of Washington State's most beautiful scenery just by visiting Peter's nature photography gallery in the Historic Fairhaven District of Bellingham, WA. You'll experience over 50 of Peter's limited edition landscape photography Metal Prints in person, at sizes up to 8 feet. Or you can simply browse this website to view the full collection of fine art nature wall art for your home or office. And when you are ready to soak in your very favorite scenery every day, use this website to order your Metal Prints online, and they'll be delivered to you for free. 


Scenic Washington State is an endless playground for nature landscape photography, and Peter James travels the state extensively to find the most beautiful places at the peak times. His diverse nature wall art collection includes natural landscapes from the primal rainforests and rugged wilderness coast line of the Olympic Peninsula, to Mount Rainier nature photos showing it's massive and towering peak with wildflower covered expanses, to the epic coastline and islands of the Salish Sea including many San Juan Island photos, to the vast and jagged Cascade Mountains with it's thousands of mountain lakes, and the glacier covered cone of picture perfect Mount Baker.

Peter James has amassed an exciting collection of epic Northwest nature photographs. This wall art is so clear and true to life that you feel like you could step right into them. These artwork prints for homes and offices transforms them into nature sanctuaries that allow us to enjoy the extreme beauty of this Washington State every day, no matter what the weather is doing outside. Are you ready to bring your walls to life? Browse the photography collection now.

Art As Large As Life