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Do you have walls in your home or business
that could use stunning new nature art?

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The breathtaking photographic Metal Prints of Peter James's Pacific Northwest nature wall art act as the connection between your daily life and the wonders of the natural world. 

Are you ready to explore? Here's how:

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Nature photographer Peter James pours his heart, soul, sweat, and determination into capturing the intricate beauty of the natural world. His formal photographic training and over 30 years of experience, combined with his deep love and intuitive connection with nature, guide him as he journeys throughout the wild areas of Washington State creating impeccable fine art nature photography. By focusing exclusively on one state, he has become intimate with the landscapes, the seasons, and lighting here, often creating exceptional images of places most never see.


"Peter James has deftly captured the essence of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty. People familiar with the region's geography and climate will appreciate the patience, fortitude, and tenacity required to attain these vantages under such perfect lighting conditions. His business practices also reflect deep respect for the natural wonders he presents: prints are exquisitely executed on durable sheets of recycled metal, and a portion of each sale goes to reforestation projects. I highly recommend visiting the Fairhaven gallery" - Eric Mapes

While most of Peter's photographs are rich and colorful,
if you prefer dark colors, click here. And if you prefer muted colors, click here.

In your home or office, Peter's prints are reminders of what is most important to you: the wonder of this beautiful world we live in, to get out and enjoy nature as much as you can, to reflect on the day's gratitude, or to always continue to adventure, even if it's in your own mind. They bring you sunshine on cloudy days, color in a drab world, and the joy of witnessing beauty daily. This art is more than just pretty pictures on your walls, it's the essence of life itself, reminding you each day to embrace it.