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Impressive Artwork For Large Offices

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Vivid Metal Prints Up to 20 Feet Wide or Tall

Aiming to provide outdoor experiences within the workplace, Washington State nature photographer Peter James produces high definition Metal Prints that look as real as looking out a window. His robust collection covers every area of this diverse state, and consists of 200 images available in sizes 2 to 8 feet, as well as his Large As Life Collection of 50 ultra-high resolution images available in 3 or 5 panel configurations up to 20+ feet.

Benefit Your Workforce and Clientele

The modern workplace requires elements which diffuse stress, spark inspiration, and compel engagement. Leading studies show that exposure to nature is the quickest way to draw people into a feeling of connection, leading to clarity and a sense of safety. If you want your staff, your leadership, and your audience to bring their best to your company every day, they need to know you care about their wellbeing. To see all your stakeholders truly shine, they need more nature. 

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Planning and Installation Services

Well versed in serving businesses large and small, the Peter James Photography Gallery has fine tuned systems for assisting you in designing and planning complex photography installations which include site visits, photo mockups showing you exactly what the artwork will look like in the space at accurate sizes, and web-based, mobile friendly proposals. 

Peter's team can also provide full installation service, including secure installation which locks the photographs to the wall. 

A Workplace Like No Other

If you are ready for your office to stand apart from all others, attracting the best staff and impressing your clients with your professionalism, use the form below to schedule a personal meeting with Peter James now, and get ready to explore the beautiful possibilities. 

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