Breathtaking Mount Rainier Photos

Among all the mountains in Washington State, Mount Rainier is the largest, most visited, and the most covered in wildflowers. In fact, the entire region is blanketed in massive fields of wildflowers in the summer, which is a shear delight for Peter James to photograph. Mount Rainier National Park photography is some of the most rewarding work he gets to do. As a single day of shooting, with the right conditions, can yield an amazing variety of photos of Mount Rainier and it's surrounding waterfalls, old growth forests, and abundant wildlife. 



Unforgettable Mount Baker Photography

A short drive from Peter James's home in Bellingham, WA, the Mount Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest is a wilderness playground for nature lovers of all kinds. But as a nature landscape photographer, Peter's love for this mountain region is indescribably deep. The peak of Mount Baker itself is a nearly perfect volcanic cone which is extremely picturesque, and Peter has dedicated himself to finding the most unique angles, lighting, and seasons to take Mount Baker photos. 



Unique Mount Shuksan Photography

Sitting nearly beside and often confused for Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan holds the record for being the most photographed mountain in the world. The iconic photos of Mt Shuksan reflected in Picture Lake are seen around the world, but Peter James always strives to be unique, photographing Shuksan only when the sunrise clouds behind it are spectacular, when the alpenglow lights it with a wash of pink, or when the first snow of the year is blowing off the peak in a powerful aerial photograph. His Picture Lake photo sets the blazing sun center stage above and below in the reflection, making a memorable Mount Shuksan photo that will brighten even the greyest Pacific Northwest day.